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Make lasting memories while making a difference during your luxury African safari. Our experienced travel agents would love to help you include a contribution to a charitable project with your luxury vacation.

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100% of your donations go where you want them to go. All administrative costs are paid by Roane Travel.


At Roane Travel Design, we believe that small acts of kindness can create a lasting impact on the world around us. For us, it's more than an idea, though. It is the fundamental basis of our non-profit organization, Explore with Purpose, Inc.

Our goal is to pair global travelers with an option to engage in charitable service during their vacation in Africa. This opportunity is an incredible way to use your passion for travel to do something good for someone else. We'll help you connect with one of the many ways to get involved.

Explore with Purpose, Inc. 

I’d Like to Help

When you're participating in a hands-on activity during your vacation in Africa, you're stepping outside of the comfort zone of your daily routine to try something new. Whether you're learning to build a filter that provides clean water or creating a classroom for students, you can make a difference.

Learn a New Skill

When you engage in a charitable activity, you discover new traditions, languages, and an understanding of people's current circumstances in destinations around the world. Plus, you may make connections with other like-minded people.

Connect With Another Culture

Many travelers take a trip to "recharge the battery." Rest assured, we'll be sure to provide an ample amount of R&R for your trip (if that's the goal). Still, travelers that include a charitable activity frequently express that they come back feeling rejuvenated on a deeper level. 

Refueling Your Soul

Whether you're lounging on Mafia Island or an exciting Serengeti safari, your trip is a chance to disconnect from the stressors of everyday life and just "get away." Adding a service-based activity adds another layer to the experience in a way you won't soon forget. 

Escaping the Ordinary

The Benefits of Giving Back

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Type of Wood Charities is a non-profit organization that provides basic living materials to families and communities. Using the help of volunteers, they build housing, construct classrooms and other helpful buildings, provide access to dental care and donate necessities to the people of Africa and the Philippines.

Wine to Water is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping to provide clean water for communities. You can travel to Africa in a more meaningful way by learning about the benefits of clean water and helping to build water filters that provide clean water to communities that would otherwise not have easy access. 

Explore with Purpose, Inc. began in 2021 and is gaining traction. We hope to launch new global outreach programs and partner with other established non-profit organizations to make the most significant impact. 

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Explore with Purpose, Inc. is always looking for charitable organizations to partner with. Whether it's focusing on the health in leading medical missions or working with organizations on addressing water crisis' or building classrooms and dormitories to contribute to education issues around the world, we'd like to hear how we can help!

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