At Roane Travel Design,  we are redefining travel with a purpose. We empower you to connect, learn, and give back, while experiencing adventure travel in breathtaking destinations throughout Africa.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

We believe that travel bridges the gap between cultures, fostering real understanding of our differences by creating emotional connections between travelers and the countries they explore. In shifting perspectives we create a positive impact on the traveler, environment and the people who call these incredible destinations home.


We are a family run team driven by a unified passion for travel. Through a combination of expertise and creativity, our team curates purposeful and intentional itineraries for both individual and group trips. We maintain the unique interests of our travelers, while exposing them to cultural, educational and philanthropic opportunities.


We invite you to join us as we encounter wildlife, natural wonders, and unique cultures in some of the world’s most iconic destinations. From family adventures and enchanting honeymoons, to group getaways our Roane Travel Design Team will take great care in the planning of your memories that will
last a lifetime.


Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and the Roane family is no exception. In the '90s, owner Jim Roane worked as a corporate trader in Minnesota, where he lived with his wife, Mary Beth, and their four children, Jay, Michael, Elizabeth and Jack Alexander. Jim had a fulfilling job, everyone was involved in activities in the community, and friends and family surrounded them. Everything was going well.

Unfortunately, in 1998, tragedy struck the family. While on vacation, the Roane's 10-month-old son, Jack Alexander, drowned in the pool at their Florida family vacation home.

This unexpected and overwhelming loss shook the family to the core. It was also a wake-up call and a reminder that life is finite. Life is short, and it's meant to be lived to the fullest. So, Jim decided to spend more time making lifelong memories with those he loved and less time at the office.

"Travel. Your money will return. Your time won't. - Unknown"

Where It All Began

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After Jack's passing, Jim decided to retire from his corporate trading job to travel the world with his family. They started with a one-month family adventure to India followed by five more years of heavy travel.

When their fifth child, Mark, was born, it did not slow the Roane family down. Despite busy sports schedules, school and other activities, the Roane family traveled to over 20+ global destinations, including India, Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean and a Tanzania safari that would again change the course of the Roanes' life. They fell in love with the sounds, smells, tastes and cultures of different locations, reigniting a sense of nostalgia for Jim, who grew up all over the world.

Reigniting a Love of Travel

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In 2019, Jim Roane decided he wanted to share his love for Africa and other exotic destinations with the rest of the world. So, fueled by his passion for travel, he created the travel company Roane Travel Design. Roane Travel Design focuses on creating unforgettable, impactful adventure vacations and experiences to help you live the best version of your life. 

Roane Travel Design

how You Can Make a Difference

A growing number of travelers are inspired to travel intentionally and create a change. Whether you're looking for a transformation within yourself or want to make a meaningful difference in the world, we'd love to help you explore the world with purpose. Use your love for travel to get involved and do something good for others. 

Seeing the world isn't always just about the vacation and the "time off work."

Explore with Purpose, Inc. 

When you're on your African wilderness safari, you'll be immersed in a world unlike any other. The continent is full of culture, history, wildlife and plants, including the iconic Baobab Tree.

Also known as the "upside-down" tree due to their unique root-like branches, these trees are prehistoric, thought to date back to more than 200 million years ago. For millions of years, they've defeated the odds to thrive in an arid climate where little else can grow. As a result, many of the trees you'll see are more than a thousand years old!

These recognizable trees have become a symbol of life and positivity throughout history. At Roane Travel Design, we are firmly rooted in family, service, adventure and authenticity while spreading joy and kindness wherever possible. That is why we've adopted the Baobab Tree as a central part of our story.

The Baobab Tree, "The Tree of Life"

Talk to an Experienced Travel Designer

Africa holds a soft spot in our hearts, and we encourage anyone with interest to make it a point to go. We want to provide a way to check that off of your bucket list vacation wish list. However, we highly recommend having a professional help you plan your trip to make the most out of your vacation. The other continents are slightly easier to navigate without a professional holding your hand. For example, can you visit the Eiffel Tower in France or the Statue of Liberty in New York without an itinerary or a guide? Yes, of course, people do it every day. However, to get the most out of your trip to Africa, we strongly urge having experienced travel experts help you plan your trip!

Why Africa?

Let's Plan Your Bucket List Vacation

It's one thing for a travel agent to suggest unique vacations in luxury destinations if they've never been there. Your trip will still check a goal off your bucket list, but that isn't what travel is about. Travel isn't a "honey-do" list—it's inspiring, empowering and life-changing. When your travel company has been to your bucket list destination, knows the in's and out's of the location and wants to connect you with a custom experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, it takes your vacation to another level. We want to create an adventure that you'll all be talking about for generations. 

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